Taiwo Ajakaye

Principal Partner, Research and Education

Ajakaye Michael Taiwo is a seasoned NetworkAdministrator with a strong background in Physicsand Electronics. He holds a Higher National Diplomain Physics with Electronics from The FederalPolytechnic Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State. His professionalqualifications include a Cisco Certified NetworkAssociates and a Diploma in Networking andComputer Technology.

Mr. Taiwo has rich experience in strengthening IT infrastructure through the implementation of new technologies. He is proficient in hardware and software installation, maintenance, and repair. His experience includes working as a NetworkAdministrator in one of the leading production firms in Ibadan, Nigeria, where he was responsible for the installation and configuration of servers, server operating systems, software, desktop/laptop hardware, software installation, and peripherals. He also has experience in networking using microwave radio (Airfibre microwave), networking factories for ERP and Biometric use, Deployment of MikrotikRouter for Hotspot connectivity, and laying and splicing of Optical Fibre cables across company branches.


team lead

Heart of The Father Mission



Prior to this, Mr. Taiwo worked as an IP Engineer at the Network Operation Centre of O’Net-Concave Communication Networks, where he was responsible for network optimization, network monitoring, network troubleshooting, and IP provisioning. He also served as an IT Personnel at the educational Advancement Centre, where he was involved in the design and development of computer-based test platforms for higher institutions of learning in Nigeria.

Mr. Ajakaye also worked as a Programming/IT Officer at Multilinks-Telkom Telecommunication Ltd.

He is a member of several organizations, a public speaker at Campus Fellowships, a Multimedia Team Lead at a local non-profit organization, a member of the Heart of the Father Missions Team, and he is the Principal Partner in Research and Education at Africa Data Warehouse.

In his spare time, Mr. Taiwo enjoys reading, driving, and proffering solutions.

You may contact Taiwo via email at taiwo.ajakaye@africadatawarehouse.org. Follow him on X @dmightyangel.