Ajoke Onojeghuo, PhD

Principal Partner, Data Science and Geo-Spatial Analytics

Dr. Ajoke R. Onojeghuo is a seasoned GeospatialData Consultant and GIS & Remote Sensing Specialist with over 15 years of experience in academia and industry. Currently, she is a Geo-spatial Analysis Consultant at UNICEF in New York, USA, where she develops Hazard, Vulnerability, and Risk indicators for the CCRI-DRM sub-national Model. Her expertise lies in resolving complex problems and customizing analytical methods to align with client needs.

Previously, she served as a GIS Consultant/DataScientist at JOLEXY Environmental Services in Edmonton, Canada, and as a Senior Remote Sensing Specialist/Data Scientist at Solstice Environmental Management in Edmonton, Canada. She also held positions as a GIS Analyst/Data Scientist at PLACE Research Lab, University of Alberta, and as a Researcher/Teaching Assistant at CLCR, University of Leicester, UK.

Dr. Onojeghuo holds a Ph.D. in Geography(Science) - GIS, Remote Sensing from the University of Leicester, UK, a Master of Science in GIS & the Environment from the University of Salford, Manchester, UK, and a Bachelor of Science in Surveying & Geo-informatics from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.


Geo-spatial Analysis Consultant




She is a result-oriented professional with applied Data Analytics/Science experience in public health and Humanitarian contexts and she is proficient in data analytics and visualization tools including Excel, Tableau, SQL, R, Power BI, ArcGIS, Spyder/Databricks Notebooks, and more. She is also a recipient of the Pomerance Award for Music Excellence and the Panache Award for contributions to music in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Ajoke is a member of several organizations including God's Embassy Edmonton, Canada and she is the Principal Partner in Data Science and Geo-Spatial Analytics at Africa Data Warehouse.

You may contact Dr. Joke via email at joke.onojeghuo@africadatawarehouse.org. Follow her on X @DrjokeOfficial.